The Maestro Edge

"Our commitment to quality and workmanship"

Workmanship is one of the most important parts of our craft and it is something that we pride ourselves on. Your clothing should last and feel good. A lot of effort goes into making clothes and that should be reflected in the quality, the cut and the fit. Every single part of your clothing should be perfect from start to finish. That’s why we go above and beyond. Nothing but the best!

We believe that the fit and the cut makes the suit and can change how you feel it in and how you look in it, in a pretty big way. That’s why we are so focused on creating quality, on design, on the finer details of what makes a suit tick, what makes it special, what makes it look so good.

Here at Maestro, all of our custom suits and sport coats are accompanied by several things:

  1.          Italian shoulder pads
  2.          Bemberg linings
  3.          Working buttons
  4.          Mother of pearl buttons (shirts)
  5.          Armhole shield guards
  6.          German horsehair half canvas
  7.          Horn buttons
  8.          160 threads (shirts)
  9.          Heal guards for pants
  10.          Inside elastic waistband
  11.          Half lined pants
  12.          Original YKK zippers


Dedication to Fit

Every single human body is different. Not only do people look different and carry muscle and weight in different places, but lifestyle influences comfort and cut and it is never the same twice. This is why fit and custom suiting is just so important for looking your best. We can adjust your suit at ever step, to make sure that you look your best. We can hide the weight gain, increase the illusion of height and so much more. We are here to help!

People Oriented

Not only are we dedicated to our clients, but we are dedicated to our staff. We hire only the best staff, with a minimum of 30 years of experience, each. We believe that experience makes a big difference and even our clothiers have experience, so that you are in good hands from start to finish. We believe that every part of the process should be high quality and that definitely includes our staff!


We believe that custom suits should be affordable for everyone, even the man on the street. That’s why we offer pricing that is reasonable and competitive. Since we buy our fabric directly, we can pass this saving to you. Since we operate online, that keeps our costs down too, allowing all of the savings to go to you, so you can have high quality clothes for less.

If you want to learn more, and change you image, give us a call and find out what we can do for you!

We believe that everyone should be able to wear a great suit and that’s where we come in. We’ve designed out suits to be flexible. You can have luxury fabric, or a simpler fabric, depending on your needs, which will reflect the price. Not everyone needs luxe fabric, but everyone deserves high quality and we pride ourselves in delivering that, no matter what!